Our Testimony

Nader&Tigist Baraty,Church Planting Missionaries IN Ethiopia

Nader was born in Wooster, OH in December of 1987 into a family with different religious viewpoints and traditions: My father who was raised Muslim in the country of Iran

 married my mother who was a saved Catholic. During my youth, I experienced several tragedies including the passing of my mother (Pancreatic Cancer-1996) when I was age 8. I’m very thankful the Lord allowed me the short period of time I had with my mother that He used to plant the seed of salvation in my heart and for my mothers prayers that one day I would become accept Jesus Christ as my personal savior and serve Him wherever He called me to. Prior to her going home to be with the lord, my mother had joint custody of me due to a divorce with my father. During the weekends my mother took me to a Protestant church in the area I grew up which preached lightly on Christian beliefs , but never really touched on the subject of salvation . We were taught about Christianity but really never what Christ did for me! After my mother’s homecoming departure , my father raised me up in a unique type of environment. As a fourth grader in Elementary school , I was the only one I knew who practiced Ramadan ( Muslims time of Fasting based on the Lunar Calendar) !The Lord began showing me the mission field that He was calling me to by allowing me two unique opportunities to visit the country of Iran.

 I remember this different way of life which I was not accustomed to in America. I remember playing futbol on the streets with my cousin and going to the Mosque on Friday ( The Holy day in Iran when all business are closed and people get together to worship)I didn’t know it at this time, but the lord was already beginning his work in my life!

I attended Kent State University in the fall of 2007 and majored in Entrepreneurship and Small Business (only 30 of the entire students in the business college were selected to be part of this program and I was one of the first chosen). I graduated in the spring of 2011 with strong hopes to light the world on fire with my inspiration. Prior to graduating college I felt strong convictions of my previous years while in college and the immortal lifestyle I was living in. My last year at school was the most memorable because of the fact that these convictions became real to me. Due to an unforeseen circumstance, I had to make a meeting with the Dean. I remember after that meeting I felt defeated and like giving up. That afternoon I did something that I hadn’t done for a long time, I prayed!. That afternoon, I received a call from the Assistant Dean letting me know I was going to graduate on time! I graduate in May of 2011 in the top 25% in my program with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a major in Entrepreneurship and Small Business. After graduating I had an ambition to set the world on fire and become an image on the Forbes magazine for the Newest Best Invention.

Upon Graduation I moved back home in search of getting my feet on solid foundation. Upon arriving back home, I had reached out to a former friend and during our discussion she invited me to visit Calvary Baptist Church . As this conversation continue my conviction became intensified. I recalled the prayer that I made prior to graduation, which was still fresh in my heart. That Sunday I attended Calvary Baptist Church for the first time, and right away I knew that this is where I belong. I felt the lord’s leading me to there for a purpose that he has now defined. The Lord showed me that He is the true Foundation which I had been searching for!   I got several in depth convictions from sermons preached by Pastor Harry Strachan. During these sermons these convictions that were in my heart kept making my life miserable ( Lack of sleep) ! In September 2011, I yielded to the Lord Jesus Christ and asked him into my heart. I surrendered all that I was and my dreams on Sunday during an alter call. I remember getting up from that alter in tears, because I realized that all of my sins and burdens where lifted from me! Two weeks after I accepted Christ as my lord and savior I followed him in Believer’ s Baptism!

My life changed a complete 360-degree and I begun living the life I always wanted: a life with Christ

! Shortly after my salvation I got involved with several ministries at Calvary which included: Awana, Bus Ministries, adult choir, Sunday school and the nursing home ministries. These ministries have helped me to utilize the gifts and talents in which I have been given.
The Lord asked me to surrender to the field of missions during a mission conference in October 2011 with a guest speaker Dr. Al Stone. Dr. Stone was preaching upon the fruits of harvest. His preaching convicted my heart for the lost and the forsaken in distant lands. In December, I spent four days at a missions conference held in Gatlinburg, TN and during this time the lord revealed to me that foreign mission field was what He called me to go to. In February that vision would become reality with Pastor Berhanu a national pastor of Ethiopia expressed his need for laborers in his country. It wasn’t long after hearing brother Berhanu express his concern for more help that I began to pray for the lords will. I was put in contact with Dr. Richard Vick a veteran missionary in Ethiopia and he shared his love for the people of Ethiopia. The lord provided all of my needs to take a survey trip to Ethiopia with Dr. Vick this past December where His will was clearly defined for me
. I now have a new vision to set the world on fire with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to take it to the African Muslims in Ethiopia!
Tigist’s Testimony
I was born in a Christian home in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where my father was the Pastor of the church we attended. My mother also was our children Sunday school teacher. I was born  during a time when the Ethiopian Orthodox Church had great influence on the people and culture. We had great influences from American Missionaries throughout our lives. One Missionary that was a blessing to our family was Dr. Richard Vick. During the teaching on eternal security in our children Sunday school, I remember our teacher speaking on the topic of hope. I heard about eternal security my whole childhood life until this special day. I was 13 years old while I was searching and asking my orthodox and Muslim friends about this eternal security. They couldn’t give me a definite answer on how I could know for sure that heaven was my home. After hearing our Sunday School teacher tell me that the only way to know for sure was to trust Jesus Christ as Savior, I knew that religion was holding me back from a relationship with Christ. I trusted Jesus as my Savior when I was 13 years old! I was baptized just a few years later at our church. The Lord has given me a special calling and burden to reach the children of Ethiopia with the Gospel the same way I received it! The Children in Ethiopia are so precious like gems and there hearts are pure. God is allowing me the opportunity to invest my life into these precious gems and showing them Christ through our outreach and our everyday life here in Ethiopia. Its a great joy to serve along with my husband in this mission field as we stretch out our hands to reach the Lost with the Precious Word of God!

East African Baptist Missions

Berhanu’s Testimony
Berhanu came to Christ under the ministry of Dr. Richard Vick, who at that times was a missionary in Ethiopia and is now President Emeritus of Baptist International Outreach. After twenty years as Pastor of Bole Road Baptist Church n Addis Ababa God led Berhanu into the ministry of training pastors and missionaries through EABM. Berhanu and his wife, Wubit, have five children Amanuel,Eyoseyas, Tsega, Tegist, and Nathanel
East African Baptist Mission Vision
East African Baptist Missions was founded by Berhanu Yoseph for the purpose of reaching the unreached people groups of East Africa for Christ and to strengthen Baptist Churches to remain faithful to the New Testament teaching of Christ. This is a ministry under the authority of Faith Baptist Church in Jefferson City, Tennessee-Berhanu’s sending church. 
East African Baptist Missions Bible Institute was established in 2004 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with four students. The goal is to train these students to go into all seven East African countries.  Right Now there are two countries represented : Ethiopia and South Sudan.
In addition to the Bible Institute there is the correspondence school that is taught in several locations throughout Ethiopia.  This allows those who live in remote areas of the country and cannot come to Addis Ababa for training in the Bible Institute to study the Word of God in depth.
These classes provide opportunities for leadership training and biblical training on family life and the home. Many church leaders have not had the educational opportunities afforded to other and minister on a bi-vocational basis in the city in which they live.


What I  believe:

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62.8% Christianity ( 50.6% Ethiopian Orthodox, 10.1%Protestant, .9% Ethiopian Catholics), 34% Islam,  2.6% African Traditional Religion, .6% Other Religions



Christians form the majority of the population in Ethiopia. Islam continues to grow in parts of Ethiopia  and is the second most followed Religion with nearly 34% of the population. Ethiopia is the site of the first hijra in Islamic history and the oldest Muslim Settlement in Africa at Negash. The Ethiopian Orthodox church was part of the Coptic Orthodox Church until 1959. Only 2.6% of the population practice traditional African beliefs which consist of the SNNPR, and Oromia


More Details

The constitution and other laws and policies protect religious freedom and, in practice, the government generally enforced these protections.

The government generally respected religious freedom in law and in practice; however, occasionally some authorities infringed on this right. There was no change in the status of respect for religious freedom by the government during the reporting period.

Localized tensions between Muslim and Christian communities resulted in some violent episodes. Several civic and government programs attempted to address sectarian violence.

The U.S. government discusses religious freedom with the government as part of its overall policy to promote human rights.







General Facts

Capital and Largest City : Addis Ababa

Official Language: Amharic

Ethnic Groups: 34.5% Oromo, 26.9% Amhara, 6.2% Somali, 6.1% Tigray, 4.0% Sidama, 2.5% Gurage

Government: Federal Parliamentary Republic

Population: 91,195,675

Currency: Birr


Historical Facts

Missionaries from Egypt and Syria reached Ethiopia in the fourth century and introduced Christianity. In the seventh century, the rise of Islam meant Ethiopia was then isolated from European Christianity. The Portuguese re-established contact with Ethiopia in the 1500s primarily to strengthen their control over the Indian Ocean and to convert Ethiopia to Roman Catholicism. A century of religious conflict followed resulting in the expulsion of all foreign missionaries in the 1630s.

This period of bitter conflict contributed to Ethiopian hostility towards foreign Christians and Europeans which persisted until the twentieth century and was a factor in Ethiopia’s isolation until the middle of the nineteenth century.

From the 1700s, for roughly 100 years, there was no central power in Ethiopia. This “Era of the Princes” was characterised by the turmoil caused by local rulers competing against each other. In 1869, however, Emperor Tewodros brought many of the princes together, and was a significant unifying force. He was succeeded by Emperor Yohannes, who built upon the efforts made by Tewodros, as well as beating off invasion attempts by the Dervish and the Sudanese.